Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh the excitement....

So we've had cockroaches for the past several months, well, pretty much since we moved in 6 months ago. The landlord knows but really doesn't do much except to call an exterminator which does even less. I so want to move but we really can't afford to. Hopefully in 6 months we can.

Anyway, so tomorrow we are setting off a fogger to hopefully kill them off. Since we have to be gone for 4 hours, we are going to run errands: Target, the library, and car maintenance. I'm excited for the library. I am going to be getting books on plot and such and excited to read them.

Then when we get home, it will be deep cleaning. Since we are opening the cupboards, we've got to wash all the dishes. Totally worth it if this fogger takes care of the cockroaches!

Random thought for today: maybe I will have the hubby bring home tacos.

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